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Bare&Rare, Pt. 1


Bare&Rare, Pt. 1







歌手金請夏的第二張錄音室專輯 [Bare & Rare Pt.1] 分為兩章:Part 1 (Bare),揭示了她深藏在內心的所有故事,以及 Part 2 (Rare),展現了她在音樂上的全新新嘗試。金請夏參與了第二張錄音室專輯Pt.1所有歌曲的作詞與製作,正如她為她的特別單曲專輯[Killing Me]所做的那樣。特別的是,她努力讓自己的歌曲成為真正用來欣賞而不是簡單地博取聽眾眼球的作品。
她的第一張錄音室專輯 [Querencia] 由 21 首大膽且充滿活力的曲目組成,這也進一步確立了金請夏作為獨唱藝術家的地位。它被 Billboard 選為 2021 年 50 佳專輯之一。此外,金請夏憑藉這張專輯,在第19屆韓國音樂大獎中首次獲得了K-pop類別的專輯獎。她還通過各種音樂活動明確地展示了她作為歌手如何參與到廣泛的音樂合作中,例如製作音樂原聲帶,以及通過二重唱曲目,在其他藝術家的音樂作品中扮演重要角色。這張專輯中的 8 首曲目將通過她的聲樂風格,讓聽眾了解金請夏內心深處的感受。
主打歌 [Sparkling] 通過160 左右的BPM營造出超強的氛圍感。這是一首迷人的歌曲,聲音給人以汽水般的清爽感覺。這首歌傳達了當您在炎熱的夏日喝第一口冰涼的碳酸飲料時所感受到的清爽感。一首歌曲的快節奏所釋放出的情緒可能會讓人覺得這首歌太輕了,但金請夏強烈厚重的聲音風格彌補了這一點,最終讓這首歌既酷炫又閃耀。
[Bare & Rare Pt.1] 以《XXXX》開場,這首歌曲尖銳而強烈的聲樂和金請夏輕鬆而神秘的說唱風格足以令人著迷不已。 《Louder》意在為疫情期間的人們帶去希望的能量,而《Crazy Like You》則是一首前奏部分一開始就讓人耳目一新的流行歌,金請夏強大的演唱風格加上BIBI迷人的聲樂風格,釋放出爆炸性的巨大能量。 《California Dream》是一首非常適合在開車時聽的歌曲,它傳遞了那種放下所有煩惱,前往美麗涼爽、微風習習的夏日海灘,令人興奮不已的感覺。
《Good Night My Princess》是一首抒情流行歌曲,通過歌詞講述了心愛的人為她付出了很多的故事,聽眾可以通過歌詞感受到金請夏的細膩情感。
最後一首歌曲《Nuh-Uh》是一首 R&B 風格的流行歌曲,表現了韓國潮流文化中獨特的酷風格。

"Chung Ha’s 2nd studio album [Bare & Rare Pt.1] is divided into two chapters: Pt.1 (Bare),
in which she reveals all the stories of what she feels on the inside and Part 2 (Rare), in
which she shows her new attempts in music. Chung Ha participated in writing lyrics of all
songs and producing of all songs in Pt.1 of the 2nd studio album, just like she did for her
special single album [Killing Me]. In particular, she put her effort into making the songs
the kind of songs that are truly for listening rather than watching. In this album, Chung
Ha delicately shares the thoughts and feelings that have been on her mind. 
Her first studio album [Querencia], which comprised of 21 bold and vibrant tracks, further
established herself as a solo artist. It was chosen as one of the 50 best albums in 2021
by Billboard. Furthermore, with this album, Chung Ha won the Album Award for the first
time in the K-pop category in the 19th  Korean Music Awards. She has also definitely
shown how she can work with a wide range of music as a vocalist through various music
activities, such as working on soundtracks, featuring in other artists’ music, and through
duet tracks. The 8 tracks in this album will make listeners relate to the stories of what
Chung Ha has been feeling on the inside, which are told through her vocal style. 
The title track [Sparkling] has the hyper vibe as its identity with the fast BPM around 160.
It’s a charming song with the sound that gives that refreshing feeling of a sparkling drink.
The song conveyed the refreshing sentiment you get when you take the first sip of a
cold, fizzy drink on a scorching summer day. The fast-paced mood of a song may give
the impression that the song is too light, but Chung Ha’s strong vocal style makes up for
that and ultimately made this track both cool and sparkling.  
[Bare & Rare Pt.1] opens with ‘XXXX,’ a song in which the sharp, strong sound and Chung
Ha’s relaxing yet mystic singing rap are charming. ‘Louder’ is intended to give a bright
energy during the pandemic era, and ‘Crazy Like You’ is a pop song that mesmerizes
your ears from the beginning with the intro part and has a burst of explosive energy with
Chung Ha’s strong vocal style and BIBI’s charming vocal style. 
‘California Dream’ is a song that’s great to listening to while driving, and it shares the
exciting feeling of letting go of all the worries and going to a beautiful place where the
cool, breezy summer beach unfolds. ‘Good Night My Princess” is a ballad pop song in
which listeners can sense the delicate emotions of Chung Ha through the lyrics telling the
story of a loved one who has sacrificed so much for her. The last track, ‘Nuh-Uh’ is an
R&B pop song that expresses Korea’s unique cool style amid trendiness."