POPS & ROCK 2010's~1960's BEST HITオルゴール作品集 VOL-6 (A Musical Box Rendition of Pops&Rock 2010's-1960's Best Hit Vol-6)

オルゴールサウンド J-POP



專輯歌曲 (共10首 | 0:34:10)

  • No.

  • 1
    Too Close (オルゴール) (Too Close (Music Box))

  • 2
    Get Lucky (オルゴール) (Get Lucky (Music Box))

  • 3
    It's My Life (オルゴール) (It's My Life (Music Box))

  • 4
    Only Time (オルゴール) (Only Time (Music Box))

  • 5
    追憶 (オルゴール) (The Way We Were (Music Box))

  • 6
    Candle in the Wind (オルゴール) (Candle in the Wind (Music Box))

  • 7
    Got My Mind Set on You (オルゴール) (Got My Mind Set on You (Music Box))

  • 8
    Just Once (オルゴール) (Just Once (Music Box))

  • 9
    Hello It's Me (オルゴール) (Hello It's Me (Music Box))

  • 10
    Stay (オルゴール) (Stay (Music Box))

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