2infinity And Beyond

林俊傑 JJ Lin


JJ林俊傑與日本潮牌教父Nigo合作的「Time Machine 時光機」主題曲。JJ林俊傑出生於1981年,此次「時光機」聯名企劃以80年代為背景。

80年代的流行音樂自成一格,是Disco、New Wave、Punk的全盛時期,許多歌曲至今仍是經典之作。出生於80年代的JJ聽著這些歌曲長大,深受影響,此次特別邀請Nigo桑參與「Time Machine時光機」的聯名專案,力求重現那個年代的輝煌氛圍。

"2infinity And Beyond"是JJ特地為「Time Machine時光機」製作的單曲,以80年代的編曲風格為歌曲披上新衣,力求帶給聽眾最原汁原味的當代曲風。


Travel back to the 80’s with Time Machine, a brand new collaboration between JJ Lin and Japanese fashion mogul, Nigo. Featuring the theme song, 2infinity And Beyond, Time Machine is a tribute to the 80’s music, aptly so since JJ was born in 1981.

The 80’s music era was a celebrated one characterized by disco, new wave and punk, of which many of today’s classic evergreen hits were produced. JJ Lin grew up with the 80’s music, a huge influence on his own musical style and taste. The upcoming Time Machine collaboration with Nigo aims to re-present the glory of the resplendent 80’s.

2infinity And Beyond is specially produced by JJ for Time Machine, incorporating and rearranging the music styles from the 80’s, creating a same old brand new remake for listeners. Featuring an all-round aural and visual feast, all the visual design elements of the single are helmed by Nigo, based on strong contrast of colours, a significant trait of movie posters from the 80’s.

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    2infinity And Beyond

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