If Your Eyes Had To Be Exposed In An Art Museum, The Works Themselves Would Come To Life To Appreciate Your Beauty.

To The Stars



專輯歌曲 (共9首 | 0:27:51)

  • No.

  • 1
    The Calm After The Storm.

  • 2
    If I Knew When I Will Die I Would Spend All My Remaining Days With You.

  • 3
    My Happiness Is On The Rise Only If You're By My Side.

  • 4
    Love Letters Signed By You Are Like A Gift From Above.

  • 5
    There's No Bad Ending If I'm With You.

  • 6
    I Believe In Love Do You Believe In Ours ?

  • 7
    Eyes Like Waterfall Yet Yours Look Like Bright Stars.

  • 8
    Moments Like This With You Are The Ones That Makes Me Appreciate Life.

  • 9
    (The End) But Not Of Our Love.

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