Renaissance (重生)

QQ Brothers


2020年對啟勝和偉強來說是一個重要的年份,因為他們成立了“QQ兄弟”,並且發行了他們第一首單曲“透明的翅膀” (Transparent Wings)。他們將這首歌獻給他們的父母,以慶祝母親節和父親節。今年也標誌著他們在音樂方面的20年友誼與合作!

為什麼取 “QQ兄弟” 這麼有趣的名字?這個名字來自啟勝(Qisheng)和偉強(weiQiang)的名字,每個名字中都帶有字母“ Q”,形成了綽號“ QQ”!

In this significant year of 2020, Chi Sheng and Aaron released their first single entitled “Transparent Wings” 《透明的翅膀》, in time to dedicate this song to their parents in celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This year also marked their 20 years of friendship and collaboration in music!
2020 also saw the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has blurred the lines of how we work, live and adapt to a new normal in life. With everyone staying at home and working from home more, some ties are strengthened, and others are weakened and even strained.
During this time, relationships are also brought to the test, with some relationships becoming stronger in the face of adversity, and other love stories succumbing to the day-to-day stresses that the pandemic brings with it. <>
This song, “重生” (Renaissance) is inspired from the stories heard during this never-before-seen pandemic. To quote a line from the chorus of the song: “我不是 愛情達人 就靠經驗提升” (I am no expert in love, but I can only get better with experience.) Every relationship is a life lesson, and with each love relationship we go through, we have better self-awareness and a clearer picture of what we want. We get better and improve on our ability to treat our loved ones better the next time round.
“放手就等於握住幸福還有可能” (Letting go is a hope to hold the right happiness). Some relationships are meant to last a lifetime, but others are only fleeting episodes in our lifespan. It is up to us to decide which relationships are worth keeping, and which ones we need to let go for the sake of our own happiness. And when we do decide to let go of old relationships, that can only herald new beginnings and new loves into our lives, and teach us another set of love lessons.
We hope that this song can bring comfort to those who have been hurt and stuck at love’s crossroads during these trying times. It is up to us to choose whether we wish to remain stuck and depressed in our sadness, or to embrace the new life and renaissance that comes after we have said our goodbyes.
Just a fun and unique fact: The name ‘QQ Brothers’ comes from the individual names of 啟勝 (Qisheng) and 偉強 (weiQiang), taking the letter ‘Q’ from each of their names to form the moniker ‘QQ’ !

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    Renaissance (重生)

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