Up Our Sleeve:Official Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 3 (Live)

Humble Pie



專輯歌曲 (共44首 | 4:48:06)

  • No.

  • 1
    (I'm A) Road Runner (Live Soundcheck, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 2
    Hot 'n' Nasty (Live Soundcheck, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 3
    Up Our Sleeve (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 4
    C'mon Everybody (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 5
    Honky Tonk Women (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 6
    Blues Interlude (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 7
    I Wonder (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 8
    Hallelujah (I Love Her So) (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 9
    I Don't Need No Doctor (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 10
    Hot 'n' Nasty (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 11
    Four Day Creep (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 12
    Rollin' Stone (Live, Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY)

  • 13
    Up Our Sleeve (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 14
    C'mon Everybody (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 15
    Honky Tonk Women (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 16
    Medley:I Wonder / Hallelujah (I Love Her So) (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 17
    I Don't Need No Doctor (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 18
    Hot 'n' Nasty (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 19
    Four Day Creep (Live, Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK)

  • 20
    Up Our Sleeve (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 21
    Four Day Creep (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 22
    C'mon Everybody (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 23
    Honky Tonk Women (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 24
    I Believe To My Soul (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 25
    I Want To Take You Higher / 30 Days In The Hole (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 26
    (I'm A) Road Runner (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 27
    Blues Interlude (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 28
    I Wonder (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 29
    Hallelujah (I Love Her So) (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 30
    I Don't Need No Doctor (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 31
    Hot 'n' Nasty (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 32
    Twist And Shout (Live, Music Hall, Boston, MA)

  • 33
    Up Our Sleeve (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 34
    Four Day Creep (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 35
    C'mon Everybody (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 36
    Boogie Chillun (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 37
    Honky Tonk Women (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 38
    The Blues (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 39
    I Believe To My Soul (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 40
    I Want To Take You Higher (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 41
    30 Days In The Hole (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 42
    (I'm A) Road Runner (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 43
    Hallelujah (I Love Her So) (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

  • 44
    I Don't Need No Doctor (Live, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

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