88rising“ASIA RISING FOREVER” 企劃,旨在為聽眾獻上亞洲最激動人心的藝術家們溫柔親密的臥室內演出。作為這一企劃的第二部分,beabadoobee為我們呈現了她的個人單曲“You Lie All The Time“ 簡單而動聽的全新版本,這首歌來自於她2019年發行的個人專輯《Loveworm》,同時她還帶來Elliott Smith的經典曲目“Between the Bars” 的吉他彈唱翻唱版本。

Bea Kristi在菲律賓出生,在倫敦長大,2017年,她開始以beabadoobee的身份進行音樂創作。年僅十九歲的beabadoobee,以其獨特的臥室自白式流行曲風和DIY美學,已經建立起了屬於她自己的,龐大的,為她傾倒的Z世代粉絲群體。她的第一首單曲“Coffee“,通過一個飯制視頻,在短短幾天內獲得了數十萬的流媒體播放量。自那之後,她的歌曲,通過她自己发行的唱片以及三張通過倫敦獨立唱片公司Dirty Hit发行的唱片——Patched Up, Loveworm 和 Space Cadet,累積獲得了數百萬的流媒體數據。她本人也受到了來自BBC廣播一台、滾石、Vogue、Dazed、 The Fader、 i-D、Pigeons and Planes、Noisey、 NME、 Time Out、 Paper、Nylon、The New Yorker、衛報等媒體的褒揚。2019年,Bea同時獲得了2020英國新星獎以及BBC之聲獎的提名。

As the third installment of 88rising’s ASIA RISING FOREVER series, which showcases intimate bedroom-style performances from Asia’s most exciting artists, beabadoobee offers a breathtaking stripped-down version of her own song “You Lie All The Time” off her standout 2019 record Loveworm, along with an acoustic guitar cover of Elliott Smith’s timeless record “Between the Bars”.

Born in the Philippines and raised in London, Bea Kristi began recording music as beabadoobee in 2017. At just 19 years old, beabadoobee has built her huge, dedicated Gen-Z fanbase with her flawless output of confessional bedroom pop songs and DIY aesthetic. Her first track, ‘Coffee’ gathered hundreds of thousands of streams in a matter of days, through a fan-uploaded video. Since then, her songs have amassed millions of streams between her own self-released recordings and her three EPs on independent London label Dirty Hit--Patched Up, Loveworm and Space Cadet. She has been championed by BBC Radio 1, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Dazed, The Fader, i-D, Pigeons and Planes, Noisey, NME, Time Out, Paper, Nylon, The New Yorker, and The Guardian, amongst others. In 2019 Bea was nominated for both the BRITs Rising Star and BBC Sound of 2020 awards.

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    You Lie All The Time - ASIA RISING FOREVER

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    Between the Bars - ASIA RISING FOREVER

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