City Punk (시티펑크)



city punk 是由生活在城市並熱愛城市的人們創建出來的。 與City Pop相比,City Punk更好。我們怎樣才能在這個城市裡獲得更多樂趣?無論身在何處,希望今天也能發現許多激動人心的事物。

Got a stiff body? Stretch slowly, starting from your fingers and toes. Breathe deeply in and exhale to feel things become clear and more apparent in your gaze. I warmed up and suddenly got an exciting idea. Then let's go and do it. Don’t just stand around! City Punk was created by people who live in and love living in the city. City Punk is better than City Pop. How can we have more fun in this city of ours? I hope you can find many exciting things to do today, wherever you are.

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    City Punk (시티펑크)

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