Old Master

Melo (中)


Higher Brothers成員之一,88rising旗下音樂人,Melo釋出了首張個人專輯 - 《Old Master》,這是繼馬思唯和KnowKnow之後,Higher Brothers個人solo計劃推出的第三彈。“Old Master”中文譯名老師傅 , 是一張以Boombap風格為主的old school專輯。在坊間素來以“西南Battle King”著稱的Melo,這次將富含高難度技巧言辭犀利的flow融入整張專輯中,可謂誠意滿滿。專輯包含13個曲目,亮點包括:映射Melo成名以來心路歷程的主打單曲“鄉巴佬”;同為Higher Brothers成員的好兄弟KnowKnow助陣的單曲“代理”;聯手Higher Brothers另一位成員PSY.P,以及曾在《Head in the Clouds II》專輯中與Rich Brian, Joji, August 08合作過熱單“Hopscotch”的Barney Bones,共同打造情歌 ”Talk Less and Feel More”。整張專輯由一個又一個樸實無華的成長故事組成,講述了一個默默無聞的成都街頭的“三娃兒”,靠著對夢想從未變過的執著和努力,打破一切質疑,一步步登上夢想頂峰的故事。

Renowned Chinese rapper Melo (one fourth of rap group the Higher Brothers, hailed “the current breakout stars of the Chinese Hip-Hop world” by the New York Times) releases his debut solo album, Old Master on April 21st. The title of Old Master comes from Melo’s respect for the legendary hip-hop acts from the boom bap era. Acts like Nas and Gang Starr remain some of Melo’s biggest inspirations, and although many fans know Higher Brothers for their hard hitting trap beats and raucous energy, Melo wanted to showcase his technical rapping ability over classically-inspired production. From boom bap to trap, Old Master is the culmination of Melo’s taste in hip-hop, an ode to what made him fall in love with this genre. Produced front to back by YYKBZ Yi Yang & YOKEN Yaokun Bai, with featured production from Los Angeles based Channel Tres, and guest features from frequent collaborators AUGUST 08 and Barney Bones, Old Master is truly emblematic of a bigger trend towards globalization in hip-hop.

The first single, “Born Like This,” showcases the old school aesthetic of the album while the second single, “Daili,” features the contemporary production that Higher Brothers have become synonymous with. “Born Like This” tells Melo’s story of staying true to his roots and to his dreams of becoming one of the hip-hop greats, and working hard to overcome prejudice that he’s been met with along the way. “Daili,” which means “agents” in Mandarin, is a trap anthem featuring fellow Higher Brother, KnowKnow. Melo and KnowKnow, who both have their own clothing brands, speak about their personal success as young bosses. The song also compares the success of their music to the success of their clothing brand, both of which have been evangelized by their passionate and dedicated fans.

專輯歌曲 (共12首 | 0:33:53)

  • No.

  • 1
    Welcome To My World (feat. PSY.P)

  • 2
    Born Like This

  • 3

  • 4
    Talk Less and Feel More (feat. AUGUST 08, Barney Bones & PSY.P)

  • 5
    代理 (feat. KnowKnow)

  • 6
    Yes Sir (feat. Lil Shin)

  • 7
    三娃兒 (feat. Mengzi)

  • 8

  • 9
    Old Fashion (feat. Masiwei)

  • 10
    Remember (feat. PSY.P)

  • 11
    Wish You Were Here

  • 12
    I Did

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