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劉柏辛 Lexie








當我第一次隔著厚厚的玻璃在海洋館看到Manta遊泳的樣子,被造物主的創意和巧思沖昏了頭腦: 原來水下也有飛行家。遠看光滑如鏡的皮膚和錯落的白色斑紋,是他們前衛廓形的燕尾服,沈默飛翔的魔鬼魚們像是星辰和大海之間的使者,在無盡的藍色中穿梭。







Lexie: “Manta is one of the key symbols of this whole album that’s coming right up. The song ‘Manta’ is about possibility and freedom. 

Manta Ray is my favorite animal. I love the way they move underwater: flapping their wide fins up and down (as if they had real wings) in a nonchalant manner silently, different from everything else down there in the ocean. 

I saw Manta Rays for the first time in an aquarium behind those thick glass walls. I was in awe of these exquisite and delicate creatures—the sleek, glossy skin shimmers underwater, looking like an avant-garde black tuxedo with white prints. “Flying” underwater, defying the rules of gravity, challenging the stereotypical “birds flying in the sky, fish swimming underwater” type of notion, with a little black tux on, a Manta Ray is like an elegant emissary, or a rhetoric traveller between the stars and the ocean. 

Their 100 million years of the peculiar existence on earth really hit me with the infinity of possibilities of life on this planet. 

I actually learned scuba diving in Fiji just to see the wild ones in flesh, but sadly I still missed them after spending 6 hours on the yacht looking for their eating spot. Maybe that’s why the wild ones are wild! I still wish someday I get to dance with them underwater.

Sometimes I see myself in them. I can sense the depression of the ones trapped in an aquarium. Their complexity, nonchalance, unruly spirit, and just the peculiarity of these coexisting yet conflicting elements, even the half-ridicule, half-playful “smile”.

In this song, I imagined myself being inside a Manta Ray’s body for three and a half minutes and went crazy by challenging infinite possibilities in my music. Hopefully I can transfer this power to whomever listening, pump up the blood in their systems with the energy of my sound, and waken the sleeping beast inside their hearts and souls haha.

I also wanna send out this message through not only this song but the entire album that there is no single definition of your existence, and you should be whatever you want to be. ”

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