Hands Behind My Back

劉逸雲 Amber Liu


在過去的十年裡,我花了很多時間找句話來體現我的旅程。 『X』不僅標誌我職業生涯的十年,也象徵著我跨越了我人生的另篇章。 『X』是我的目標,也抹杀我的事物,人,壞習慣和過去,以便幫我自己成長,因為我傾向常常關注那些事情。 我最終間接傷害了自己。 我從以前到現在會列出我想要實現和提高的事情。 我覺得我生活中一直都有 『X』。

"So much has gone on the last ten years I spend a lot of time trying to find the word, phrase to embody my journey up until now. “X” not only marks my ten years of my career but it symbolizes me crossing over into another chapter of my life. It’s a target for where I need to be and also crosses out the things, the people, the bad habits, the past that i need to learn to let go in order to grow as a person because I tend to dwell so much on things that I end up indirectly hurting myself in the end. I used to and still make lists of things I want to achieve and work on. X, I guess has always just been something in my life." - Amber Liu

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    Hands Behind My Back

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